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Ill leave you guys with THIS page for a while. Go through them because I won’t be posting anything new for a bit. 

I have exactly 138 pages of gifs I made…. that is a shit load. Haha If you want to go from the beginning to the present. Click Here It will take you to page 138. Maybe you can find all the gifs you missed! :D 

Reinhard <3 

old gifs I made from the Schindler’s list.

· my gif ·


He’s beautiful! 

· my gif ·


Love this one.  :) 


This was too long, so I had to break it down to two parts. It doesn’t look good though in two parts….

I love how they all went for their watches when Herr Hitler did! :)


Some more boots and uniform, as requested. Enjoy it!

❝ The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living ❞

- Socrates

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